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Our Policy Regarding Bootlegs as it applies to Alvin Lee and Ten Years After: 

 It’s our policy not to sell, trade or make copies of these rare items. Our only intent is to maintain a respectable, reliable and extensive musical archive. This archive is first and foremost to support our research in procuring and protecting the legacy of Alvin Lee and Ten Years After and secondly for our own personal use and enjoyment, as it opens up a whole new world of "classic TYA" recordings.

 We are not talking about commercial music bootleggers here, we are talking about the ordinary fan who attends a rock concert and makes a recording of the event to enjoy later.  There is no malice of forethought here, there is no conscious effort to discredit or disrespect the artists performance in any way, it’s only a fans simple attempt to try and preserve a fleeting moment of a two hour concert and nothing more than that.

 The subjects in this case are Alvin Lee with Ten Years After, or Alvin during his solo years with The Alvin Lee Band. With this in mind, our comments apply to them only.

  We find nothing ethically or morally wrong with offering financial compensation to another fan for his dedication, time and materials used in his / her endeavour. As these persons have succeeded in making a recording on some level. Sometimes these recordings  turn out to be great saves, other times, good, poor, fair or just plain shitty and unusable, but their intent is respectable, sincere, honest and heartfelt to be sure.

We suggest and strongly recommend that you first purchase all the legitimate and official "Ten Years After / Alvin Lee" releases that you can find, and then supplement the rest of your collection with the bootlegs of your choice. We are one hundred percent in favor of all artists receiving their proper share of all financial reward and credit due them. We also enjoy seeing other fans needs being fulfilled at the same time. In this way everyone involved can, and will be satisfied.

Dave / Brigitte
January 1, 2005


"A performance exists at a particular moment in time. It is always, from the artist's point of view, 'live'. It is shared at the same moment it is created. There may be all sorts of preparations, including the writing of a script or song or score, rehearsals and so forth; but the actual performance occurs in a moment and necessarily expresses that moment... The performing artist retains no control over his or her performance; as soon as it is brought into existence, it is given away."

Paul Williams


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It’s the duty of every bootlegger to record these live musical events for historical preservation, study and enjoyment purposes. No Reputable bootlegger will ever charge you money for any part of his collection of live recordings. Trading, making new friendships, finding new music connections and making other music fans happy, is where we derive our greatest pleasure.




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The following is a list of our personal bootleg collection 

 "TYA Live in Concert"
Philadelphia Spectrum, November 14, 1970

Rare Bootleg Record Album - found at Flohmarkt, Feb.7th,  2005




Ten Years After Live In Malmo, Sweden - February 11, 1968   at the Klubb Bongo 

Set List Includes: Rock Your Mama 3:30 Spoonful 6:30 I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 11:35 (the song come to an abrupt ending, such a shame as it was about two and a half minutes from the end) Summertime (Ric Lee’s Drum Solo) 7:50 I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 16:10 (it’s so refreshing to hear this song being performed as it was originally intended, with soul and passion. This version is slower than most adding to the intensity and emotion of the moment. What a real find this recording is, everyone is involved and Chick Churchill is right on the money holding up his end of the proceedings. Ric and Leo are flowing right along with Alvin’s guitar work, just waiting to pounce on the groove and add their own passion and energy. It’s a real pressure cooker going on here. Alvin is fluid and really mixing up the jazzy riffs with the rock and roll chords to make it sound as one seamless unit, and not two forms of American art forms being forced into one cramped space. That is the real magic in this performance, it’s perfectly executed and it presents Ten Years After at their very best. Note: the song is 16:00 minutes long with an extra ten seconds added for applause. During the recording of this song there are three glitches, the first is 12:36 which is minor but still there, the second is the song fades out for a few seconds, again a minor event, and the third is the most distracting of all (sounds as if someone kicked the recorder) but still all in all it is worth the little imperfections, just to think that we’re listing to this rare recording at all, after all this time is a miracle in itself.)

Spider In My Web 8:35 same as above TYA at their very best great version of this song, Alvin never sounded better. It was recorded clean and fresh, the performance is raw and gutsy.

Which leads us to “Help Me”  This whole bootleg is a recording from 1968, this is pre-Woodstock fame, fortune and hype. Help Me is the grand climax to this gig and not I’m Going Home, can you imagine that? My God, a real performance without I’m Going Home involved. Help me is a rip-snorting Blues ‘N’ Kick Ass Rockin’ out number that will send you reeling into nirvana once again and this time without the inducement of alcohol, or good ol’ mother nature, or  Cricklewood Green being involved. A natural high will get you off on this number guaranteed. The song runs 15:40



Ten Years After Live, In Denmark “Flower Pop” T.V. - Isle of Lolland
Falconer Theater in Copenhagen, February 16, 1968

Set List Includes: Spider In My Web (fades to an end, continues on track 2) 7:50, Help Me 14:35, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 3:20, Love Until I Die 2:25, Spoonful (muffled) 5:25, Spoonful (clean and great) 6:35, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always (by Count Basie and Jimmy Rushing) Note: the song is over modulated, but well done by the band. 9:35, Summertime featuring Ric Lee Drum Solo 3:10 (song faded and never came back on) Help Me 11:35, I’m Going Home (terrible quality, again over modulated, but could be much worse, end of the song cut off also) 5:30 Rock Your Mama 3:40, Love Until I Die 2:15
All in All interesting and a good glimpse of a very young Ten Years After. 
Spider In My Web, Help Me, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always, Love Until I Die, and Spoonful were all recorded at the Flower Pop in February of 1968. Spoonful, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always, Summertime, Help Me, I’m Going Home, Rock Your Mama were all recorded at The Falkn Theater in Copenhagen. Love Until I Die, this version was recorded at the BBC Studios in 1969.

Note: Also related "Denmark - on TV", February 24, 1968 / May 7, 1968


Ten Years After At Bill Graham’s Fillmore West 
San Francisco, California   -  July 5-7 1968 
This was on their very first American Tour . Set List Includes: Woodchoppers Ball 9:20, Crossroads 4:05, Spider In My Web 9:20 Shangtung Cabbage (Ric Lee Drum Solo) 6:00, No Title 9:10, I May Be Wrong But I won’t Be Wrong Always 10:35, Spoonful 6:05, Rock Your Mama 3:10, Help Me 13:15  We had this cd mastered by our friend Thomas Rumpenhorst on 2/8/03 It was originally from Dale Manning’s Bootleg Collection. Great recording of a hot and hungry Ten Years After never sounding better, or more happy and alive. Chick Churchill’s keyboards are prominent throughout the recording. It is raw, rare and a real treat to behold. (if you’re looking for very early Ten Years After, you’ll be in your glory)   



Ten Years After Recorded Live at "Steve Paul's Scene Club", 
New York City - August 4, 1968 
 (Cassette Tape, fair quality)

Standing At The Crossroads - I May Be Wrong But I Won't Be Wrong Always - Spider In My Web -
Shantung Cabbage (drum solo), Help Me



Top Gear” which includes various Television and Radio Broadcast Recordings from 1967 through 1969
Top Gear Tracks Include: I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 6:00, Don’t Want You Woman 2:17, I Woke Up This Morning 3:15 (a slow blues version without the screaming Alvin Lee guitar, great keyboards by Chick Churchill, rolling bass guitar by Leo Lyons, and jazz / blues drums from Ric. I Ain’t Seen No Whiskey 2:55, Woman Trouble 4:45, Love Until I Die 2:20, No Title Blues 6:57, Woodchoppers Ball 4:30, Rock Your Mama 2:27, I’m Going Home 3:55 (excellent version, more of a jazzy jam) Once There Was A Time 2:37, No Title (Live) 9:50, Good Morning Little School Girl 5:30 


The Complete BBC Studio Sessions 1968-1969
(from the same sources as “Top Gear” but offers a much better insight of the band in the early stages, as it’s pre-Woodstock and shows a band on the move upwards, the rest is history. Tracks Include: Woman Trouble 4:25, At The Woodchoppers Ball 4:08, No Title 7:02, I’m Going Home 4:01, Don’t Want You Woman 2:16, Love Until I Die 2:21, The Sounds 3:24, Portable People 2:03 (from a record album) Rock Your Mama 2:27, No Whiskey Blues 2:45 Standing At The Crossroads 2:16 (great radio version with DJ introduction 1968-1969, DJ introducing the new song by Ten Years After called Hear Me Calling 3:50, Alvin introduces A Spider In My Web 4:55 (with audience heard at the end of the song-wonderful recording) I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 2:26 fades to an abrupt ending-Alvin introduces Leo, Chick on the Hammond, and Ric on drums-leads right into Good Morning Little School Girl 6:20 again with audience in the background, Alvin then introduces I’m Going Home 6:50 (raw and rare version of the song)



Ten Years After Live at the Eagles Auditorium - In Seattle, Washington USA
March 22, 1969      
Cassette Tape 

Tracks Include the Following Titles: 1. Spoonful 9:00 2. Alvin says, "it's a long intro to the man on the drum kit" called "I'm Going Up High" (this is a rare and unreleased track that definitely lived up to its title as Alvin wails on this song and creates a most memorable long and interesting guitar solo) total time 6:00 3. Spider In My Web 7:35 4. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20 5. Hobbit 3:35 6. Alvin says "this is one of our favourites it's called I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes" (song cut off after seven minutes) end of side 1. Side 2. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (complete version) (glitch at 7:23) 16:10 2. Help Me ( treat me like a dog lyrics added at the end) 10:00 3. I'm Going Home Alvin Says, " I'll let you in on a little secret, the people in Vancouver, British Columbia said you people in Washington state are a real drag, but you people are alright Fuck them, Fuck em' I say"…where the audience replies to Alvin "you're alright" ! The song includes a little Roll Over Beethoven---gonna shoot you right down…knock you off your feet….boom boom boom boom…. I'm Going Home just like it used to be….blues….whole lotta shaken goin' on… total time 9:10 Comments: Once again it's a very good representation of the band in 1969 different versions of songs, songs that were still in the process of being developed and were fun for the band to play and interesting for the audience to listen to. Fresh and raw working out the kinks and becoming polished. The sound quality is poor, and volume is weak, but after adjusting the treble and bass into flat position once again (turn both right off) and turn the volume up half way, it becomes listen able and enjoyable.


Ten Years After Live In Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Finland December 3, 1969        Sound Quality is Excellent: Songs include: Spoonful 7:40, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always (Count Basie) 9:35, Hobbit 11:20, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:40, No Title 11:10, Scat Thing, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 18:40, Woodchoppers Ball 7:45 (instrumental excellent) Great cd all the way through, one of the best in our collection) 10 plus rating! We have two different versions from the same concert, one from Reinhard Pieper and the other from Jean Pierre Devillard from France. The extra track is a Ten Years After Jam sounding very much like ‘I May Be Wrong’ it’s 7:50 long, and being an instrumental it’s worth the price of the cd alone.

Ten Years After Live In Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Finland December 3, 1969  (different tracks) Set List Includes: Spoonful 7:40, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 9:40, Hobbit 11:10, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:30, No Title 11:25 Skoobly Oobly Doobob / I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 18:30 Ten Years After Jam, Instrumental 7:50 (Excellent) Excellent Bootleg CD, only wish it was a two cd set, it’s that good



Ten Years After Live At The Texas International Pop FestivalSeptember 1, 1969 

The Texas International Pop Festival was held at the Dallas, Texas Motor Speedway in Lewisville, Texas, on  Labor Day Weekend, September 1, 1969.

Songs Include: Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 18:00, Hobbit (Drum Solo by Ric Lee) 10:13, Spoonful 6:57, I’m Going Home 11:30 The Liner Note States: This is a high quality recording of a never before released Ten Years After show. Produced by Bill Williams. Released by OH Boy Records 1-1969 Tex 2. It should also be noted that this festival took place just two weeks after Woodstock. The sound quality is terrible, and according to Ric Lee, that’s the main reason why it was never  officially released to begin with.  As with most bootlegs, they’re only intended to satisfy the needs of the most die hard fans and nothing more. This is one of the most common Ten Years After Bootlegs on the market.



Ten Years After Live At The Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles California -  March 21, 1970
Also Called “The Lost Cricklewood Green Show”  Set List Includes: Love Like A Man 8:15, Good Morning Little School Girl 6:55, Working On The Road 3:30, Spider In My Web 3:45, 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 9:25, I’m Going Home 11:10, Help Me 14:20

Added tracks:   I’m Going Home 11:00    Somebody Calling Live 6:40  
This is the best cd we’ve heard of this concert, it’s clean and very enjoyable listening. The bonus tracks are a real surprise and special treat.



Love Like A Man. Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on March 21, 1970
We have two versions of this recording, and both are unique. Same performance, the quality is good for any bootleg, only the editing is different.  The set list includes: Love Like A Man 8:30, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:15, Working On The Road 3:50, Hobbit 10:15, 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 9:20, I’m Going Home 11:40, Help Me 14:50  This cd is released by ITM Media, in Italy. Tracks 1 & 5 are credited to Chrysalis Music Ltd. Track 2 is credited to Arc Music Corp (as it’s a Sonny Boy Williamson composition) Track 4 (Hobbit) is credited to Ric Lee’s Fast West Ltd. Track 6 “I’m Going Home” is credited to Alvin Lee under Nice Songs & Lovely Music Ltd. Cover Design: by Lutz Menze  Total playing time is 64:20 – Very Strange for a bootleg to give this much credit, to be so accurate, and still be considered a bootleg at all. File under total enigma, but good listening for sure.  



Ten Years After Live At the Veterans Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona,   July 31, 1970 

Track List Includes the Following: 1. Love Like A Man 8:30 2. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:00 3. No Title 11:00 4. Hobbit (Ric Lee with the luminous drum sticks that didn't work, so Ric was doing his drum solo in total darkness, not much fun for the audience in attendance I imagine, but no one seemed to mind, total time 11:35 5. Classical Thing, Scat Thing intro to I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (total time) 19:25 6. I'm Going Home 9:30 7. Sweet Little Sixteen 5:25 with audience.




Ten Years After-Fingers And Lips-Recorded Live At The Orthopaedic Hospital
—Side One Includes: Love Like A Man 6:45, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, No Title 12:05—Side 2 Includes: Hobbit 11:57, I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes.   



Ten Years After Live In Berkeley California November 21, 1970
Also Called: “The Lost Watt Tour Concert”  She Lies In The Morning is Excellent, Set List Includes: Love Like A Man 7:30, I’m Coming On 5:15,  Sweet Little Woman Blues 7:55, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:45, She Lies In The Morning 21:05, I’m Going Home 12:30, Sweet Little Sixteen 4:25, Hobbit 8:40  

Ten Years After Live In Berlin, Germany 1970   Cassette Tape
(Side A) Love Like A Man 7:50 Good Morning Little School Girl 7:15 No Title 8:25 Hobbit 6:25 Classical Thing .45 I'm Going Home 7:50 Scat Thing .50 I Can't Keep From Crying (glitch included) (song cuts off in the middle) 4:00 in. Side Two: Can't Keep From Crying cont…. 10:00 end (silence) Love Like A Man 7:35 No Title 8:50 Once There Was A Time 3:40 Hobbit 2:00 cut off and the tape ends side two. The quality is very poor but the content is excellent. Early Ten Years After is always fun to discover and enjoy these rare gems lost in time.

Ten Years After Live in Concert, Philadelphia Spectrum,  Nov. 14, 1970
Songs Include: Love Like A Man 6:40, I’m Coming On 5:00,  Slow Blues In C 6:10, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, Hobbit 10:50  Very Poor Quality-Sounds Tinny, Echo, Distorted. But it is Ten Years After, and it is rare to hear a recording of “I’m Coming On” performed live in 1970 even if it’s from forty rows back and from under someone’s seat. Every bootleg has it’s special appeal, and this recording is a prime example. It’s basically worthless, but it’s from the participants vantage point, and that makes it slightly interesting.  


 Second Record

Bootleg Record – Philadelphia Spectrum November 14, 1970

This is another version of the same concert, on vinyl and in its original form, with hand made art work scribble on a plain white cover. I bought it on ebay, and it came to me in Germany.

For those of you that are interested to know how much something like this cost, $25.00 and add another $7.00 for shipping. It may not be the best deal in the world, but consider it’s from 1970 in excellent shape (not perfect) but as an amateur collector of Ten Years After memorabilia it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

What makes this one so different and special, from the other one that I have? Is the location of the recording. While there is a lot of echo in the Spectrum, the recorder is closer to the band, making the sound much better, vocals and Alvin’s guitar stronger and louder as well.

Chicks organ is loud, a little harsh but not painful screeching sounding.

The editing of the record, as it came from a cassette tape originally and then transferred onto vinyl, has it’s normal flaws…but in this case nothing at all to complain about…in fact, the flaws are expected and accepted in this case…giving the recording texture. There is no “Oh Shit” moments here, such as when a song is cut off in the middle, or jumps into another song unexpectedly, or the person recording the concert runs out of tape. On this record there also is no: I’m Going Home or I Can’t Keep From Cryin´ Sometimes. What there is – is I’m Coming On – Love Like A Man – an original version of Slow Blues In C – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl…..and the real highlight of this record is - “The Hobbit” by Ric Lee as you’ve never heard it before. Yes, you heard me right. Spliced in two places, (because it was so long) with a couple of pops and clicks on the record, that cause no problem, it’s Ric Lee at his power-house best, young, eager and energetic. The audience is enthralled and sounds spellbound by Ric’s  performance. While listening to what used to be in 1970, I found myself becoming addicted / overwhelmed by Ric’s  playing, you can’t just sit still listening to this, or deny feeling a burst of energy coming over you every few seconds. Very inspired and impressive.  I also have every intention to master this drum solo and present it as a feature on our website. Just maybe the entire album itself will be re-mastered in my friends studio on some blustery Sunday winter’s afternoon.

The only down side, is that the record is very short time wise.
On the funny side, here are the track listings: Side A – Good Morning Little School Girl (whole side). Side B – Love Like A Woman – Come On – Late At Night Blues.


Ten Years After in New York City-Fillmore East 1970

(totally different from the official release) Quality is Great, and introduces new songs, that were to be released on the ‘Space In Time’ album in 1971. Set List Includes: Love Like A Man 6:05, No Title 9:00, Alvin Fooling Around on guitar 30 seconds, introduced as a new song, a blues number called Once There Was A Time 3:50, One Of These Days (another new song) 12:00, Classical Thing 57 seconds, and then a great version of She Lies In The Morning 9:45, Slow Blues In C 8:15, I’m Going Home 9:55, Ric Lee Drum Solo Hobbit, introduced by Alvin as “Fillmore Express” 8:45



Ten Years After Live In Copenhagen, February 1971    Cassette Tape
Also included on this Cassette: A very rare recording from the 1968 “Beat Club” T.V. show
TYA doing Rock Your Mama.

Side One:
1. Love Like A Man 8:05 (Recording starts off a little rough, but no problem, it clears up in a hurry).
2. No Title 10:25 (Excellent version of this song, perfect in every way. The recording sounds great, clear and clean.)
3. Once There Was A Time (Alvin takes his time to tune up his guitar, and does a great version of this song. He introduces it as a brand new song, and the audience loves it).
4. Hobbit – 10:50 Alvin introduces Ric’s drum solo as Bilbo Baggins. (Ric is very energetic on this version, great job Mr. Lee)
5. One Of These Days 7:25 (another brand new song for 1971)

Side Two:
1. "Another new Number" says Alvin. (I’ve never heard this song before or again) 10:50 A very long jam session with Chick as the featured artist on keyboards.
2. She Lies In The Morning 16:25 Jam (brilliant, excellent, outstanding) the audience loved it too.
3. I’m Going Home 12:10 (the audience goes wild) and the band digs in at full speed ahead.

Rock Your Mama 3:15 (from the beat club recording) 1968



Ten Years After- At The Bronx-Recorded Live In New York City 1971
From OH BOY Records 1-9013   Set List Includes: One Of These Days 7:15, Improvisation (the cover says) but the song is really called “No Title” 13:00, Once there Was A Time 3:30, Here They Come 4:10, Hobbit 7:30, Slow Blues In C 7:50 (the song fades away to an end, before it’s had a chance to finish) I Can’t Keep From Crying 19:40, Baby Don’t You Let Me Rock ‘N’ Roll You 2:45 (yes, I know, it should be Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘N’ Roll You) but with bootlegs this is common practice, to mess up song titles. In fact the times on the back cover for each song is also way off, some by over a minute, but the times listed above are accurate. Also it should be noted, that through out this whole concert Alvin is way off key, and out of tune most of the time, it was after all 1971 That’s why it’s called a bootleg.   At the bottom of the cover it states: OH BOY…JOIN THE De LUXE W<<<

Ten Years After Live At The Los Angeles Forum - May 1971
Set List Includes: Love Like A Man 5:50, No Title 9:15, another new number called Once There Was A Time 4:05, Slow Blues In C 7:25, another new number One Of These Days (great guitar beginning to the song) 9:15, She Lies In The Morning 10:55, I’m Going Home 9:45, Sweet Little Sixteen 4:30 Love Like A Man 4:40 Alvin Lee Interview    

Ten Years After Live In Rome Italy 1971       Cassette Tape  
Songs Include: Love Like A Man 6:25, No Title 10:45, Once There Was A Time 3:20, Slow Blues In C (great version worth the whole cd) 8:10, Hobbit 7:20, One Of These Days 13:25 (worth the price of the cd  alone), I’m Going Home 9:20  

More Than Twenty Years Later: Recorded Live At The Roma Pala Eur -  March 17, 1971      
Includes: Love Like A Man 6:20, No Title 10:50, Once There Was A Time 3:20, Slow Blues In C (Different Version) 8:00, Hobbit 7:10 One Of These Days 13:10, I’m Going Home 9:20




Ten Years After Live-A Full Moon At Gaelic Park Bronx, New York August 6, 1971
Deluxe Master Edition - From Manhattan College N.Y.C.

Set List Includes: One Of These Days 7:00 (best version I’ve ever heard on a bootleg) Once There Was A Time 3:30, a new thing called Here They Come (about them U.F.O.’s) 4:15, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 18:35 here’s a new number      Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock And Roll You 2:45, it’s a full moon tonight, here’s another new one you might like says Alvin, it’s called Hard Monkeys 3:55, No Title 10:35, Slow Blues In C 8:35, I’m Going Home 10:50, I’m Coming On 5:25 

Excellent Recording, Great Energy and Passion Here  



Ten Years After ‘Going Home’ Live Concert Amsterdam a Double Album 

Recorded December 1971  
Released by World White-Hi- Fi Concert Serie   About World White: Well, here it is! The first ‘World White’ album: Ten Years After Live recorded in the Amsterdam RAI. The first thing you’ll notice playing this album is the high quality of sound. And this album is only the beginning. Because of our new mobile studio, all further ‘World White’-productions will even sound better. From now on the ‘World White’-label will be your guarantee for Hi-Fi sound, specially on live-recordings. As we think it is your right to get something real good for a reasonable price, we co-operate with New Side Records, which is an organisation specialized in promoting low-price records for little-money people. World White Production-Live concert-Rai-Amsterdam. Exclusive produced for New Side Records, NZ. Voorburgwal 78 Amsterdam. Order: 020-236060 Stereo WW A 11     Set List Includes: Side 1- Announcement, One Of These Days, No Title

Side 2-Once There Was A Time, Good Morning Little School Girl, Drum Solo ( which is credited to Cick Churchill instead of Ric Lee) Side 3-Skoobly Oobly Doobob, I Can’t Keep From Crying, Side 4-Slow Blues In C, Going Home, Sweet Little Sixteen   Our Comment: This is probably the finest recorded bootleg ever to be put on vinyl. A bootleg is still a bootleg but this one is exceptional in every way. The cover, the presentation, and the fact that they also decided on Ten Years After to be the very first band to be represented on their new record label says it all.





Ten Years After Live In Ludwigshafen West Germany March 8, 1972 (A Two CD Set)
Set List Includes: One Of These Days 5:40, Once There Was A Time 2:15 (song cut off) Standing At The Station 8:15, Silly Thing 1:05, Good Morning Little School Girl 6:55, Hobbit 9:35, Slow Blues In C 7:05, Blues Jam (part 1) 13:05 (this is a free form Blues Jam Session-I’ve never heard Ten Years After play this way before, and they sound like they’re enjoying themselves, just going with the flow, and improvising their way along) part two is 7:50 long, total time of this Jam is 21:00, Scat Thing 1:25, I Can’t Keep From Crying 16:50, I’m Going Home 9:50, Sweet Little Sixteen 3:50, Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock and Roll You 3:30  

For A 1972 Bootleg  Recording-this is an excellent example of Ten Years After doing what they do best, performing live on stage in front of loving fans. This is a prime example of a concert from 1972, at their peak.

 Ten Years After Live in Bern, Switzerland April 1972   Cassette Tape

1. One Of These Days 6:25
2. Once There Was A Time 3:30
3. Standing At The Station 14:25 (Alvin calls this "Convention Prevention", but it’s not – although it may have been its tentative working title during that time period) great clear, clean version of this song, with some outstanding guitar work by Alvin. I’m very impressed! In comes Chick on keyboards – fantastic interaction between him and Alvin – with Ric holding it all together, and Leo is also inspired.
4. Good Morning Little School Girl 6:25
5. Hobbit 12:00
6. Slow Blues In C 6:50 (afternoon blues says Alvin) song cut off at 6:50 Concluded on side two. Scat Thing
7. You Give Me Loving 8:25 (a new number Alvin says), very different from the final polished version more jazzy and mellow sounding, great version, interesting.
8. Classical Thing, Scat Thing, I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes - Total time 19:30 Excellent version. 
9. Sweet Little Sixteen 4:05 good version. 
10. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock and Roll You 3:25 Excellent version of this song.  

Excellent Performance By Ten Years After / Remarkable Recording for the period 1972 - Impressive Set List!

Ten Years After Live In Tokyo, Nippon - Budokan , May 4, 1972
Set List Includes: One Of These Days 5:55, Once There Was A Time 3:30, Alvin says, this is a new song, called adventure from a train (or some such thing) it became known to all of us as “Standing At The Station” 12:20, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:55, Alvin introduces Ric Lee’s drum solo (Hobbit) as the Tokyo Express 8:25, Slow Blues In C 8:35, Classical Thing, Scat Thing, I Can’t Keep From Crying 18:00, Alvin slight picking-into I’m Going Home 8:40, Sweet Little Sixteen 4:50  The sound is typical bootleg style, recorded from a distance with echo and audience talking in the background .. no problem well worth listening to, and a good find .. maybe even a rare find.  

Ten Years After Live At The Tucson Community Centre, Tucson, Arizona - May 27, 1972  Track List Includes the Following: 

Announcement from the stage, Ten Years After-Alvin says "Greetings" a slight pause occurs as sound problems are corrected. 

Side One: 1. One Of These Days 6:20 2. Alvin says, we're going to do something called Once There Was A Time 3:50      3. Alvin says: "A new number, one new number coming up, it's called Convention Prevention, that's our intention" ("always" a band member says in the background with a quick chuckle), but the song played is actually Standing At The Station  total time 13:20  4. Good Morning Little School Girl (is cut off right in the middle of the guitar solo and then continues) 7:20 5. Hobbit which Alvin calls "Tucson Express" 10:25 6. Slow Blues In C 8:15 7.Classical Thing, Scat Thing, I Can't Keep From Crying -total time 19:30  8. Rock & Roll Music To The World 4:10 (end of side 1) 

Side Two: 1. I'm Going Home total time with audience 11:00 2. Sweet Little Sixteen with audience included 6:20 3. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock and Roll You with audience 3:45 (end of second disc) Comments: Ten Years After Live In Tucson is by far and above the best recording I've ever heard from the band performing in the early 1970's, bar none. To the fan who recorded this event, you deserve a rock and roll metal, if you're still out there we'd love to hear from you. 

On side one of this cd: 1. One Of These Days- is the perfect launch pad with some great harmonica playing from Alvin as well as his legendary guitar work throughout. Leo Lyons is there on every twist and turn, he may be following Alvin's lead but you can bet your ass he's not really following but pushing Alvin along in a very positive way. 2. Once There Was A Time- was a relatively new song when this concert was recorded and is well done here, better than the Live At The Bronx recording for sure. 3. Standing At The Station- is one of the two pinnacles on this recording. Chick Churchill gets his moment to shine and the interaction between Alvin and Chick is incredible. Also this song hasn't been recorded live on very many occasions, so it's a very rare treat when it is played and played so expertly. 4. Good Morning Little School Girl ---Although it is cut off in the middle of Alvin's guitar solo I find it to be no great loss as it's available on almost every Ten Years After and Alvin Lee Bootleg that's available. Discard it from this recording and it'll never be missed. 5. Hobbit-while it's true that some people don't appreciate Ric's drum solo, as it can be monotonous at times and lack the hard driving fire and passion that would keep it more interesting in places. It's still fair to say that if it's missing from a Ten Years After live recording (as it was later, on the first American cd release, due to time limitations it said) it really was missed by the real fans of the band. Many bootleggers seem to be fans of Alvin more so than of the rest of the band, in this case Ric, and his drum solo. So Ric seems to get the axe or hatchet job in many cases, but I'm happy to report, that in this case Hobbit is presented in its complete and natural form.  6. Slow Blues In C-is the other outstanding pinnacle performance on this recording. It starts off slower than usual which gives it an even more soulful feeling of loss and sadness than on the later recordings. Once again Chick is prominently and respectfully displayed as a vital working member of the band and not stuck into the background as was the case on Cricklewood Green for example. By the middle of the song it's wailing and screaming passion and raw furry, which never backs off but leads right to the end of the number-and leaves it on a high energy level. 7. I Can't Keep From Crying- very similar performance to the Isle Of Wight Festival. Nothing special here, just a standard outing. 8. Rock & Roll Music To The World-great song but a little over modulated here, as a lot of this recording is in certain places. It does end the first side in great form, even with its limitations, the band never sounded better!!! 9. Which brings us to track nine, in which Alvin introduces it as another new song---but which turns out to be their famous encore "I'M GOING HOME". The song does have new little bits of 1950's songs like a little John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom- gonna shoot you right down, take you home riff, but that's not what makes this song so interesting. It's the audience that is the star from here till the end. Their excitement and enthusiasm is over the top and is evident as it pushes the VU meters to the maximum. The only other recording that I've heard the audience do this was The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl. 10. Sweet Little Sixteen-great encore the audience won't let up and the band is loving it. 11. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock and Roll You-a great finish to a great recording. Ten Years After at their very best and most exciting!


Ten Years After Live, At The Boston Music Hall  - October 4, 1972
(on two cd’s)  

Set List Includes: One Of These Days 6:25, You Give Me Loving 5:40, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, Jazz Jam-I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 7:30, Rock and Roll Music To The World 4:05, Standing At The Station 9:25 (Excellent) end of side 1
Side Two: Turned Off T.V. Blues 5:25, Classical Thing 2:20, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 18:05, I’m Going Home 9:55, Sweet Little Sixteen 4:30, Choo Choo Mama 4:50, Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock and Roll You 4:20, Hobbit 8:40, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes 23:45  


Ten Years After Live At The Academy Of Music,   Brooklyn, N.Y.
On East 14th Street and 3rd Avenue in New York City,
   October 1972

Set List Includes: One Of These Days 6:20, You Give Me Loving 5:45, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:10, Slow Blues Jam 6:15 (excellent song some great keyboards from Chick Churchill) well done piece, Rock And Roll Music To The World (quality excellent) vocals clean and clear 3:40, Standing At The Station 8:25, Turned Off T.V. Blues (great sound, and vocals) 5:10, little jam 40 seconds, Classical Thing 40 seconds, Scat Thing 1:05, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (good audience participation here) 18:45, I’m Going Home 10:00, Sweet Little Sixteen 4:40, Choo Choo Mama 4:50 Excellent Recording, Great Concert, Ten Years After At Their Peak   


Ten Years After Live In Seattle, Washington 1972
One Of These Days 5:35, (some stage repairs Alvin says) as Alvin picks a little. Another new number he says called You Give Me Loving 6:35, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:25, Rock and Roll Music To The World 4:05, Alvin says, a new song called Standing At The Station 10:50, Turned Off TV Blues (well done, real slow blues, slower than on the record album. Alvin really empathises the lonely side of the blues, his guitar is wailing in desperation and sadness and not the usual screaming in agony as is usually the case. Sympathetic, rolling along, and his vocals are strong and very emotional. Perfect rendition of the song and my first listening of it performed live….Chick is also outstanding on keyboards—giving Ten Years After it’s unique sound 5:55, Crossroads, only the second or third time I’ve heard Ten Years After perform this song live 4:00 A Robert Johnson number Alvin says. Classical thing from Alvin, well done and very different versions and a little longer 1:30 leading into Scat Thing 1:20 into I Can’t Keep From Crying 19:00, I’m Going Home 8:40 Alvin says, a new song called Choo Choo Mama 2:55, Sweet Little Sixteen 5:20   




Ten Years After Live at the "Stoke Festival", 

Hanley Victoria Hall,  November 8, 1972


Set List Includes: 

1. One Of These Days 4:50 (raw and loud)  2. You Give Me Loving 5:05 (over modulated and loud) 3. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:30 (good version / nothing special) 4. The Hanley Jam 12:30 ( Ten Years After doing what they do best jamming) 5. Rock and Roll Music To The World 3:15  6. Turned Off T.V. BLUES 5:05 ( the song has a five second false start, the second start is the real beginning of the song. It's over modulated creating a harsh and raw sound that's almost unbearable to listen to at a higher volume. All in all it's a great version of the song. 7. Classical Thing / Scat Thing 1:30         I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (starts off just fine, Alvin, Leo, Chick and Ric are pushing the song right along in true TYA style. Alvin's screeching guitar on this recording is almost unbearable, and it's really unfortunate because he's in rare form, Chick's keyboards sound very distant. The middle section is full of feedback and high energy, all the instruments are creating an organised chaos, as the song so readily intends. Alvin's screeching once again as he runs the fret board…the song drops back into the main theme, with a slow soulful part, followed by a rampant frenzy and ends on a solid feedback fade out.) Conclusion: The song is intact for the entire 16:25. There are no glitches or volume fade in's or out's. It's once again Ten Years After at the height of their success and powers.  8. I'm Going Home 9:10 (the entire band is once again in the finest form, Alvin' vocals sound a little more distant, but in this case it's an advantage in disguise…when he squeals those high vocals you're spared the misery. The audience is very active, and in the hand clapping segment you can hear echoes.  9. Choo Choo Mama 2:10 (good strong performance, good fun as always) 

In Conclusion: Live At the "Stokes Festival" is suppose to be an outdoor event, but when listening to I'm Going Home I get the impression it was recorded at an indoor venue. The cd also says Stoke Festival 1973, when the actual concert took place in November 8, 1972. I bought this cd from a good source, but you know how that goes. Find your own copy and give it a listen and compare it to my notes on this recording. 

Added to the end of  this CD:  Live At The Paradise Theatre Boston, Radio Broadcast     1. Rock and Roll Music To The World 4:50 (with audience) perfect performance and recording) a blessed treat after listening to the live at Stokes recording, the radio broadcast is in stereo, it stopped the bleeding in my ears. 2. Hear Me Calling 6:00 (with audience) some funny comments from Alvin.   


DECEMBER 13, 1972

1. Spoonful - Total Time 7:40
There's a little introduction and then the band gets right to work. The sound quality is excellent considering the time period and for a bootleg recording it's actually superb. Strong sound and the band in excellent form as well.
2. You Give Me Loving 6:15
A new song performed from their "Rock and Roll Music To The World" album.
3. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:40
The Ten Years After standard with the entire band working off of each other, especially Leo Lyons and Alvin Lee. There's a little technical glitch towards the end of the song (sounding like a tape splice) not enough to complain about, but just enough of a unwanted distraction to make a note of. In between this and the next song, Alvin is heard complaining about the stage monitors being out of phase, and he can't hear what he's doing.
4. Rock and Roll Music to the World 4:30
Is well done and is recorded in its entirety with Alvin sounding in good form and Ric Lee sounding stronger and more active than usual. Leo is always Leo - for who else can he be - excellent recording of this song. At the time this was another new number.
5. Jam In The Key Of "E" 23:35
To me this is a very rare chance to hear what the members of TYA do the best - "JAM". They don't even work up to a grove they just jump right in and let the music flow. As time went on for the band, these jam sessions became few and far in between. There is also a taste of their "Standing At The Station" then some funky stuff as the grove starts to present itself. I also get the feeling that when Alvin was tired of performing the given set list, or technical problems came up, he'd just jump into an improvised jam anything. This seemed to be the outlet to release some of the pressure, and for the audience it was enjoyable as well. The audience hand clapping right along proves that to be true.
Alvin goes through some Rock and Jazz manoeuvres that at times are very impressive, Leo also has a chance to solo for a few minutes, reminiscent of the UNDEAD and STONEDHENGE albums. The rest of the band comes back in and the whole thing really cooks now. (another little tape cut, but none of the performance is lost).
It's very refreshing to hear this long jam, it reminds me of what a great jam band is all about. Next comes "On The Road Again" a good old Canned Heat Boogie - with Alvin breaking up the instrumental jam with some singing and some focused lead guitar and boogie work. The audience loves it, from beginning to end.
6. Hobbit 2:10 (Which Alvin Introduces as Hollywood Express)
Ric is on fire here with a steaming drum roll (that leads no where, because the tape was cut and so was the entire drum solo - what a damn shame!
7. Standing At The Station 11:15
This is one of my favourite Ten Years After songs, first of all because Alvin seems happy playing it, and secondly because this is really Chick Churchill's chance to shine. With Ric backing him with some high energy primal drum accompaniment and Leo pushing it right along with some working on the road bass rhythms. The entire song reminds me of Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath" where old Charlie stole the brake handle and the train won't stop moving, no way to slow it down - TYA on this song is Charlie, headlong to his death, as in the end of TYA's song called "Speed Kills" with the crash at the end of the number. Alvin wails here, Ric is manic, Leo is out of control and Chick is really the Charlie who stole the fucking handle. Beautifully and Brilliantly Executed Number!
Note: The entire song is intact from beginning to end, a perfect recording - Thank God!
8. I May Be Wrong But I Won't Be Wrong Always 9:45
Speaking of Manic Playing, here's another one - one right after the other fans. Before the audience has time to catch their breath - bang - TYA launches right into this rip-snorting rendition of Count Basie's / Jimmy Rushing song. Alvin is on fire, Chick is right on the money on every turn, Ric doesn't miss a beat and Leo is playing so fast and proficiently that he is almost running ahead of everyone else. The audience is right with the band, applause is audible throughout.
Note: This song like it's predecessor is fully intact and perfectly executed from beginning to end - perfect in every way, with no cuts or glitches at all.
9. I'm Going Home 6:55
This song needs no introduction, the sound quality needs to be boosted a little as the volume dropped a few decibels. The song is 6:55 and the band is also running through this number at breakneck speed - freight train style. Then I understand why the song is so short, another tape splice - which now renders the entire song worthless - and then another splice right to the end of the song - now this number is complete shit - dump it in the can man - it's all over…..oh well. Throw this one away!

In Conclusion:
Rock and Roll Music to the World - needs to be polished up a little.
Standing at the Station, The "E" Jam, I May Be Wrong But I Won't Be Wrong Always
are the outstanding highlights here and worth re-mastering for our archive.
A rare find, a good time and a great TYA save in time!




Ten Years After Live In Berlin at "Deutschlandhalle" On February 14, 1973
Cassette Tape

The Set List Includes the Following: 1. You Give Me Loving 5:15 2. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:15 3. Rock and Roll Music To The World 3:45 4. Country Pickin' / Silly Thing .40 seconds 5. Standing At The Station 10:40 (Great Keyboard Work by Chick Churchill and Interaction with Alvin Lee On Guitar) 6. Turned Off T.V. Blues 5:55 (Excellent version of this song, great guitar work and Alvin's vocals are very emotional and passionate, so unlike his later years.) 7. Help Me 13:05 In Conclusion: Very Good Performance / Good Recording considering the time period and very enjoyable, well worth a listen or ten. Clean up the tape hiss, boost the volume about five to ten more decibels, and equalize the channels and it would be perfect. (we may just do that when time permits).



Midnight Special 1973 Alvin Lee and Mylon LeFevre    Cassette Tape
One song Rockin' Till The Sun Goes Down 4:55 (this is the first time that I've heard this performance since it was originally broadcast on NBC back in 1973. It still sounds as good today as it did way back then).





Ten Years After Live In Ludwigshafen-- Eberthalle, Germany May 3, 1974 

Set List Includes: Rock and Roll Music to the World 4:25 No Where To Run 4:10 Good Morning Little School Girl 7:35 It’s Getting Harder 4:20 Love Like A Man 7:05 Slow Blues in C 7:00 Look Me Straight Into The Eyes 6:45 Classical Thing 1:10 Scat Thing .59 I Can’t Keep From Crying 17:25 I’m Going Home 11:20 Sweet Little Sixteen 4:10 Choo Choo Mama 2:50  Note: I personally have never come across a Ten Years After recording like this one. For one thing most bootlegs are from before or after 1974 as this was near the very end of the classic Ten Years After as we knew them. As you have probably noticed, there are three live versions of the songs from their Positive Vibrations album Nowhere To Run, It’s Getting Harder and Look Me Straight Into The Eyes—rare very rare indeed.  



Ten Years After in Tarrant County at the Convention Centre in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
June 6, 1974
    Cassette Tape

The Set List Includes the Following Tracks: 1. Rock and Roll Music To The World 2. No Where To Run 4:00 3. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:05  4. It's Getting Harder 2:50  5. Ric Lee Drum Solo-Alvin plays a very different riff introduction from the standard Hobbit lead in 6:55  6. Love Like A Man 4:20  7. Slow Blues In C 5:05 (this is an exceptionally incredible performance as the band is tight and the interaction between all of them is enjoyable. Alvin plays very complementary guitar chords to Chicks extraordinary Keyboard playing. It has a very laid back Jazz-Blues feel where nothing is rushed and you wish the song would never reach the end. (End of side one) Side Two: 1. Look Me Straight Into The Eyes 7:50 Another great job by Chick Churchill  2. Scat Thing (very different from the one we're use to) 1:20 which is the lead in for I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes-total time 16:00  3. I'm Going Home-total time with audience 7:40      4. Sweet Little Sixteen 3:25 with audience (I was surprised there wasn't another encore number, as the audience was clamouring for more)  


Alvin Lee and Company Live In Copenhagen Tivolis Koncertsal On November 21, 1974
Cassette Tape
Set List Includes the Following: 1. Somebody Callin' Me 6:25 2. All Life's Trials 3:30 with audience 3. Time and Space 3:25 with audience 4. How Does It Feel 3:30 5. Let The Sea Burn Down 5:50 6. Every Blues You've Ever Heard 5:05 (Better version than on the In Flight album) 7. Jazz Jam / Percy's Blues 10:20 (written by Mel Collins) 8. Money Honey 2:55 9. Going Through The Door 6:05 10. I'm Writing You A Letter 6:25 with audience 11. Ride My Train 9:05 (Excellent Version) 12. Slow Down 3:10 (the song fades out before the ending) End of CD



Alvin Lee and Company Live In Boston, Massachusetts January 10, 1975
At the Boston Orpheum Theater Set List Includes the Following: 1. Got To Keep Moving 7:20 2. Let's Get Back 6:20 3. Somebody Callin' Me 7:00 4. Freedom For The Stallion 7:25 ( Mel Collins saxophone solo) Excellent Version 5. All Life's Trials 3:00 6. Time and Space 3:00 7. There's A Feeling 3:35 8. Every Blues You've Ever Heard 5:40 (Great Version of this song) 9. Instrumental called "Percy's Blues" 17:05 (with an extended drum solo) 10. Money Honey 3:05 11. Instrumental 3:50 (Mel Collins because Alvin broke a guitar string on the last song) 12. Going Through The Door 6:30 13. I'm Writing You A Letter 4:30 In Conclusion: This seems to be similar to the "One More Chance" recording by combining the two you'll have the greatest performance from Alvin Lee And Company that you could every want to listen to. Alvin is captured at his most laid back, accessible and venerable during this time period. Start with this recording and add in the rockers from One More Chance for a perfect balance and you'll have it made. Also missing from this particular recording are the two encore tracks, "Ride My Train" and "Slow Down".




Ten Years After "Farewell Tour" - Concert At The "Winterland", in San Francisco, California,  August 4, 1975  

Another unique recording, the band sounds hot, Alvin has some real passionate growling going on and his vocals and guitar are in good form. The microphone must have been placed close to Ric Lee as he has a very prominent sound, which is a pleasant surprise indeed. Chick’s Keyboards are also clear and up-front for a change, which also makes for a very interesting recording. As for Leo Lyons, he’s always recognizable on any recording.       The Set Includes: Rock and Roll Music To The World (as it fades in with the song already in progress) 3:00, Love Like A Man 5:00, Good Morning Little School Girl 7:20, Slow Blues In C 6:35, One Of These Days 9:00, Classical Thing .32 seconds, Sweet Little Sixteen 3:40, Choo Choo Mama 3:35 Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock and Roll You 4:00 with feed-back ending.        Bonus Tracks: One Of These Days, No Title, Here They Come, I Woke Up This Morning. Which are almost un- listen- able. You spend your money you take your chances. All in all, an interesting cd, the audience enthusiasm really makes it worth while, along with this version of I Woke Up This Morning which clocks in at a very nice 8:05  

Ten Years After Live In Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Garden August 21, 1975

1. Rock and Roll Music To The World 5:05
2. Love Like A Man 5:35
3. Good Morning Little School Girl 7:15
4. Slow Blues in C 6:00 (excellent job by Chick Churchill
5. Hobbit (is missing on this recording)
6. One Of These Days 8:35 (with some excellent harmonica work from Alvin and keyboards from Chick) The song becomes an extended “Boogie” very interesting indeed.
7. Classical Thing, Scat Thing, 17:05 of Pure Rubbish (Alvin tells the crowd to stop pushing and keep cool) I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (the audience does sound very restless, a little loud in places but it just seems to be from excitement and not from anger or frustration)
8. I’m Going Home 14:45 with audience. (more hyper and rushed than usual – not much fun here – no soul – but the audience loves it all).
9. Sweet Little Sixteen 3:35 with berserk audience 6:35
10. Choo-Choo-Mama 3:10 including guitar feedback with audience 3:35

In Conclusion:
It’s an excellent recording of this concert and considering it’s thirty years old, it’s even better. The only down side to this performance is that on “I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes” – Alvin can’t seem to get his E-String into tune, it’s flat, way flat and annoying as hell to listen to. The song also seems rushed and forced along at an uncomfortably fast pace that lacks any passion at all….thus making it a song to please the Hyper-Active child, or person who thrives on mindless noise rather than just good music. To me it’s maniac music…my advice is do your house cleaning activities while listening to this song, you’ll be done in no time.
Alright, Alvin’s into his screech and howl part of the song…..that’s it for me…throw a brick at the stereo and put it out of its misery. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. Scrap this song and bring back “Hobbit” instead.
The opening band for this concert was Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Alvin Lee and Ten Years After Live On the "King Biscuit Flower Hour" 1975 

The set list includes the following tracks: Alvin Lee: 1. I've Got Eyes For You Baby 3:35 2. Ride My Train 8:25 3. How Many Times 3:10 4. Going Through The Door 6:10 5. One More Chance 4:30 6. I Love You Baby When You Rock and Roll 5:20 Ten Years After: 1. Rock and Roll Music To The World 4:05 2. Spoonful 4:50  3. I'm Going Home 12:25



1975  One More Chance

 There are four records associated with the In Flight period, In Flight two record set, Pump Iron and One More Chance. One More Chance is a wonderful bootleg cd and while we don’t normally recommend bootlegs to fans this one is special case.

Here are the facts: It was Recorded Live in Europe in 1975, and made by Oh Boy Records (the same bootleg company that released Ten Years After Live at the Texas International Pop Festival) and the song list: Let the Sun Burn Down (it should be Let the Sea Burn Down) You Told Me, How Many Times,Going Through the Door, I’ve Got Eyes for you Baby, Ride My Train, Julian Rice, One More Chance, Rock and Roll and Johnny B. Goode.

The funny part is the insert photo is of Alvin, Mick and Tom from Ten Years Later (wrong band guys) it is from the In Flight sessons and the quality is excellent when compared to any other bootleg recording. It seems that this material came from the sound mixing board. All I can say is it’s worth searching out if you loved In Flight and Pump Iron this will make your set complete. 



Ten Years Later-The Ultimate Collection 1977 / 78

Advertised as Limited & Numbered Edition Featuring Alvin Lee, Mick Hawksworth and Tom Compton. Four Different Recordings, Two Live Shows, Studio Outtakes & Jam Sessions. Well that’s what it is alright, nothing note worthy, the sound is typical bootleg, no surprise there either. Good for a winters day, when there’s nothing better to do. In general it’s like nails on a blackboard throughout.  



Ten Years Later Live On German Rockpalast -At Grunge Hall 1978  

The real name and spelling is as follows: Recorded Live At Grugahalle, Essen, Germany on 9/13/78 for the T.V. show “Rockpalast” Set List Includes: I’m Gonna Turn You On 4:45, Help Me 8:25, Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ 14:20 (with part of Tom Comton’s drum solo cut out of the song) Just Another Boogie 6:50, Hey Joe 6:40, Scat Thing, I’m Going Home 9:05 Backstage Interview with the band 10:12   




Ten Years Later Live At The Calderone Concert Hall 
July 23,  1978

 Stereo Master Recording

Hampstead Long Island N.Y.
Set List Includes: Gonna Turn You On 4:40, a song you might remember it’s called Mario Andretti –Good Morning Little School Girl 8:00, Help Me 14:05, It’s A Gaz 14:15, Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (part 1) 4:51 (part 2) total time 24:00, Hey Joe 12:00 (Alvin goes wild on this number and really extends the song and his guitar playing ability-excellent well done)

Excellent Quality Recording, Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This-Top Shelf.    



Alvin Lee and Ten Years Later Recorded Live at "Hammersmith Odeon", London,
On November 28, 1979     Cassette Tape

1. Gonna Turn U On 6:05 2. Good Morning Little School Girl 6:40 3. Help Me (a mess) 11:50 4. Just Another Boogie 7:05 5. Scat Thing .60 seconds 6. Ain't Nothin ´Shakin´ (cut off) Part Two 9:30 Total Time 7. Scat Thing - Into - Hey Joe 8:40 Total Time 8. I'm Going Home 12:50 9. Choo - Choo - Mama (cut off) 10. Rip It Up 1:50 11. Sweet Little Sixteen 2:40 12. Roll Over Beethoven 2:30

In Conclusion: A very rough recording, it's muffled and full of wow and flutter all the way through, but it's still enjoyable and listenable despite all it's imperfections. 




Ten Years After Portrait -  I’m Going Home  1968 

Very Early Ten Years After --  or is it really Ten Years After at all? 

That’s the big question to be asked. I gave a copy to Leo and Ric to listen to, the next day they informed me it was a TYA cover band, and according to Leo, “English wasn’t the vocalist first language” it sounded German or foreign  to him,  someone with an accent in any case. I was given the album as a present from Torsten Strube, he was informed when he bought it, that it was Mike Vernon on it. The guitar sounds like Alvin, and the vocals are a bit too strong and out of place, and again Leo says that’s not him playing bass guitar, and who should know better than Leo himself, I’m in no position to doubt one of the founding members of Ten Years After, even under the best of circumstances. If this is a cover band they’re doing a great job of it.    

What this album is, who the artists performing are, or anything else about this album is a mystery to me and the band. But I like it any way, it’s just like TYA at The Fillmore West, it’s raw, harsh sounding, gutty guitar, strong vocals and very well done (from my perspective) as it’s not easy to imitate Ten Years After.  The Songs Include, Side One: I’m Going Home 9:08, I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always 7:57 Side Two: Stay With Me (Help Me) 9:10 Good Morning Little School Girl 8:05, Spider In Your Web 6:05  


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