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Introduction To Our Private Fan Website

by D. Willey and B. Scholz


Our Thanks to the many Fans and Friends who have contributed and continue to contribute to our websites.


If You would like to contribute photos, clippings, magazines, memories ect.
please contact

We would be happy and proud to post these on this website,
giving full credit to the contributors



How and  came to be:

 For many years Brigitte collected magazines and newspaper clippings and put them into an old wooden box that she kept. I (Dave) had my own collection of material, flyers, posters, books and magazines. We combined the two collections, we bought other fans collections, and then began the projects that you will enjoy now.


That’s all they were, bits and pieces of a Ten Years After / Alvin Lee History that was saved,  but also a legacy of a band in fragments. So we started by putting what we had on our pages. Little by little.

 The band formed in 1967 and continues to this day which gives us an endless supply of material to use. It was fun and a real joy to go through everything, discover photos, articles and reviews that we’ve never seen before.

We wanted to provide the best and finest chronological order possible.


For Us / The Fans / The Band:

In order to set the record straight and get the story right, we add captions from the band members where possible. To photos and articles  we add their personal experience where needed. Giving it a well rounded effect. There are, in many cases, a week by week / month by month / year by year accounting of the bands activites. With a running record of the bands movements, progress / concerts.


We would like to thank our biggest supporter and friend  HERB STAEHR, the author of the book

"Alvin Lee & Ten Years After - A Visual History” 

With his untimely passing, we continue where he left off. Our respect to our good friend Herb, who left us with a generous supply of fond memories, and good feelings all around. 


We recommend this website  TEN YEARS AFTER TOUR ARCHIVE  for reference on tour dates


In Conclusion:

For Brigitte and I, it’s a labor of love. It’s a work in progress. It’s for all of you with our thanks.  We’ll continue to collect, organize and present the material that adds to the whole Ten Years After story. You will also notice many redundancies through out the pages, photos repeated, articles giving the same information, but it’s all a part of the whole.
Some of the best fun we have had, was putting photos together from the same photo shoots. They provide different camera angles, facial expressions, attitudes and sometimes backgrounds. When placing articles in order by date, this also excelled our enthusiasm.

We have a pile of new / old material sitting right here, just waiting to find a home on our websites. If you have something to contribute please let us know. We are more than willing to share it, while giving you credit for your photos, articles, scrapbooks or clippings.

   Dave Willey and Brigitte Scholz


We wholeheartedly feel that it is our prerogative and duty, as a private, non profit, educational research and reference source, to find and use anything on our / websites,  that we feel is necessary to advance our informational and musically related projects. This includes photos, magazines, newspaper articles, reviews, advertisements, and anything else pertaining to the subject matter at hand.

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