Guests at Joe Brown's & Manon's wedding  August 2000
Bert Weedon, Chas, Roger Glover, Alvin Lee, George Harrison and Leslie Glover 


Hi Dave & Brigitte !  Thanks for your email.  Really enjoyed the websites.  I've long been a fan of Ten Years After.  Until fairly recently before he moved abroad, I used to meet Alvin in the company of Joe Brown, they lived near each other and are great friends, as you probably know.  Have you checked out my website www.chasmcdevitt.com there ia a photo in the first page of pictures, taken at Joe's wedding, that includes Alvin and George Harrison; Joe's Best Man at the wedding. All the best, Chas McDevitt.




Poster contributed by Christoph Müller



FEHMARN OPEN AIR,    September 4th,  2000 



German Newspaper Article contributed by Eckhard Bergmann




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