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Alvin and Lorraine, 1969 

Alvin, Lorraine







This page has been a long time in coming, from our first desire back in 2002 until the present date of 7/4/04 this project has been on our to-do list. Every month or so we pull it out to work on it and then other things happen that become more of a priority and back into the file cabinet it goes.

You would think it would be so easy to just pick a proper background and then add a few hundred photos to it, but it's not as easy as it sounds.
As with all of our projects we need to set the right mood and present it in a way that will be interesting not only to us but most of all for you.
When we started our website we made friends very quickly and over time we have had the chance to meet some of these people in person and at the same time we've met more and more at the concerts we have attended here in Europe. Thanks to all of you who have now become a part of our lives and for making us feel right at home where ever we go.
The people on the following page and or pages are very special people indeed, not only to us but to the band as well. If we start naming names someone will be left out so we'll let the photos speak for themselves. If your photo appears on our friends page then you're a real fan of Ten Years After and for that we salute you, on the other hand if your photographic image isn't present and you would like it to be added contact us.    
From the very beginning we have needed and depended on you the real fans for your help and support, not only do we still feel the same but with an even greater sense of responsibility and deeper respect for your loyalty, trust and support.  
Brigitte and Dave  





























to be continued...






Alvin and Izumi Tada 

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